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ICYMI—internet shorthand for “in case you missed it”—is what you’d type out in a hurry or as part of an abrupt call to arms. After two years of development hell, Foxy Dads’ sophomore album of the same name is just what you’d expect. It’s both a sugar rush and a slow burn returned from the vast corners of meme culture, mental health, astrology as a how-to guide for navigating post-college aches and artistry in New York City.

If Foxy Dads’ aims to be the first “goth pop” coven of witches are to be taken at face value, then the result is true magic. Lead single “dissolve” drips with the sparkle of 16-bit video game while detailing couchstuck romance, but other moments chart a different course of self-analysis. Just look to the wilting acoustics of the title track or the hearty indie-pop doses measured out on “sailor saturn” for other heel turns, each peppered with references to frontperson Ilana Hope’s commute, contact list, and credit line. Hope isn’t alone on these uneasy journeys, having support in song and shared neuroses by Alex Luciano (Diet Cig), Sam Nazz and Skye Holden (Cheem), and more.

ICYMI serves as a reminder that even if progress is promised in small steps, the results are almost always worth the wait. Treat yourself to these tricks.


  1. best i can (ft. alex luciano)
  2. dissolve (ft. alenni)
  3. pretty baby (ft. sam nazz)
  4. sailor saturn
  5. south by south less
  6. tattoo (ft. skye)
  7. interlude
  8. drive (ft. winnebago vacation)
  9. i c y m i
  10. sellout
  11. new meds new me
  12. pce
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